Crop Sweater

My sister gives me so many clothes. I love getting her hand-me-downs. Slightly worn clothes+free=happy Rachel. 

Sometimes though the clothes she gives me are super cute, but not quite my style. This is the proper situation for a DIY project. 

I did sew this sweater because the seams wouldn’t unravel, so this may not be a project for everyone. However, all I did was use a straight stitch, so little experience is needed! 

Here is the original sweater shown in a very streaky mirror. Sorry! 

So the first step I took was to cut the bottom stripes off. The reason I did this was because it was a cute design and primarily because you do not want raw edges on you crop sweater if it is made from yarn. It will unravel if it is left with a raw edge. 

Set aside the bottom edge. Now, simply cut off the amount you want cropped off of the sweater. I took right around five inches off. You should be left with the lovely raw edge depicted below. 

Now I sewed the bottom hem back into a circle. I attached the right sides to each other and did a straight stitch across.

Then, you simply attach the right side (the side you want showing outward) to the right side of the sweater (the side of the shirt you wear on the outside). In other words, attach the side everyone sees of the sweater to the side of the hem we trimmed off without any previous stitches. Attach using pins like I did below. 

Notice I matched raw edge to raw edge. 

Finished product: 

Gotta love a streaky mirror and rainy day outfits. Ugh those socks 😷


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