DIY Lace Wedges

So I did it again. Bought shoes on sale because they were cheap and never wore them. $5 is bomb though right? 

Yeah definitely not my style. So I turned them into this…

Yay lace! I just cut the leather piece off and separated it from the chain. I folded the leather in on itself and hot glued to create the little end piece. Then, I cut some thin lace to my desired length, hemmed the ends, and poked it through the end piece. El fin! 

Donut Run

My lounging clothes needed dressing up because a donut craving set in. Because apparently you have to look decent to get donuts. And apparently a donut run is a real thing. I don’t understand myself. 

Anyways I through on my new booties from Charlotte Russe to make my sweatpants look somewhat classy. I may have failed. Oops. 

Denim Shorts

Does anyone else have trouble finding shorts they love? Wisconsin is so umbarabely humid, and my favorite store for shorts has closed. RIP Vanity. 

So I have taken it upon myself to keep making shorts from old jeans. I sewed a doily I bought off Amazon onto the pocket. I think it is rather cute. 

More Lace DIY

My sister always gives me hand-me-downs that I don’t always like. They are definitely cute, but we have entirely different styles. This basic shirt needed…something. So naturally I tore this lace applique off an old shirt I was going to throw and sewed it on the hand-me-down one. 


And after! (Ft. My mom’s foot)

Literally a few pins and ten minutes of sewing. I even sewed by hand! Easy peasy.